When one thinks of a garden, the image that usually comes immediately to mind is one of artistically arranged flower beds, or rows of vegetables marching along a straight line. Indeed, our residential gardens are the most common style, but many other garden types flourish here in the United States and around the world. Many gardens are more than just floral displays, and exploring the different types might give you some ideas for your own space.

So what's stopping you from starting your own garden and landscape design? The team at KCG will provide you with all the necessary tools to succeed. Start reaping the many benefits that a garden can add to your life. Now is the time to find your own reason why you should garden!


Gardening is good for your mind and body

Gardening is a great form of exercise. Besides obvious weight lose benefits gardening has been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and decrease depression. In fact, studies show that merely looking at a garden or plants can generate changes in such things as blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain electrical activity. Through colors and textures gardeners can invoke emotions of calm, tranquility, and happiness. Gardening is more than a feel good pastime; it has evolved into a form of therapy for our body and soul.

Why Should I Compost?

Impact to the environment

We always hear about the negative impact humans have on the environment, but by gardening we can truly "go green" to benefit the earth. Plants act as highly effective air cleaners, absorbing carbon dioxide, plus many air pollutants, while releasing clean oxygen and fragrance. Also, a dense cover of plants and mulch holds soil in place, reducing erosion and keeping sediment out of streams, storm drains and roads.

& Gardens

There are lots of good reasons to compost. Save money, save resources, improve your soil and reduce your impact on the environment. Regardless of your reasons, composting is a win/win scenario. Good for you and good for the environment.

Adding compost to your garden will not only fertilize, it actually feeds your soil with a diversity of nutrients and microorganisms that will improve plant growth. Chemical fertilizers on the other hand provide a quick burst of a limited number of nutrients that can wash away into our rivers and streams. Compost also increases soil stability, improves drainage and helps retain moisture.

Growing green

A vegetable garden will ensure you of the freshness and quality of what you and your family are eating. In this day and age where pesticides and fertilizers are overused consider the comfort you will have when you know exactly what has touched your fruits and veggies! Plus a vegetable garden is a great way to teach responsibility and gain personal satisfaction.

Self satisfaction

Gardening and landscaping is truly becoming an art form. Planning, planting and watching your own garden grow can fill a person with satisfaction and pride. Gardening is truly a life-time hobby. The more you learn the more proficient one gets and the possibilities become endless.

"Why should I start a garden or greenhouse?" The real question at hand should be, why shouldn't you?

Which Garden or Greenhouse is Right for Me?