Make Every Day an Outdoor Living Day This Summer

Few summer pleasures are as much fun as a cookout. The smell of grilling food is mouth-watering, everything tastes great and it's hard not to have a good time - that is, unless you're the harried host running back and forth between the grill and the kitchen for the chicken and steak, forks and knives, beer and wine, and ketchup and mustard. And when everybody's done, all the leftovers must be lugged back inside. An outdoor kitchen can help you slow down and spend more time with family and friends by putting all the ingredients for outdoor dining close at hand. It can be as simple as a storage cabinet for cooking gear or as ambitious as a full kitchen with grill, refrigerator, sink and eating area. Either way, your yard will gain an outside "room" that's a natural gathering spot.

Outdoor living can help take an average day and turn it into something spectacular. Cook up a meal for your family and friends in your outdoor kitchen, curl up around the warmth of a glowing fire pit, or just take a little time for you. Your outdoor living area is waiting, and we would love to help you find it. Give us a call to get started.

Creating an outdoor living space extends your home into your landscape. Many outdoor features can add instant warmth and beauty to your outdoor living space.

Outdoor living can function in many different ways brining indoor elements outdoors. Stereos and televisions can be included in an outdoor sitting room that centerpieces a fireplace for warmth and character. A fully functional kitchen is desirable for a homeowner that loves to entertain outdoors. Maybe your outdoor space is an area to relax pool side with some storage incorporated for supplies.

Whatever the function enhancing your yard with livable space increases the value of your home and enhance your lifestyle.

You'd expect to find an outdoor shower at a suite at a lush Caribbean resort, but in your own home? Why not? That's what more and more homeowners seem to be saying, as the master bath becomes yet another room in the house where people are letting in a little bit of the great outdoors.

To be clear, we're not referring to those freestanding outdoor showers for rinsing off after you get out of the pool. We're talking the alfresco shower as a permanent outdoor extension of your indoor bathroom.

You'd think privacy would be priority one, but it's not as big a concern as you might think. Many clients aren't all that concerned with privacy, particularly in more rural areas where neighbors aren't an issue.

Outdoor showers aren't just for poolside and public beaches anymore. They're fast becoming a refreshing addition to the everyday home bathroom.

Maybe a private garden sitting area or a calming water feature is better suited to you. We, along with our top rated landscaping professionals, can design and install just the space you are looking for. Combine one or more of these features to make your space truly unique and perfectly tailored to your needs and style.


There’s something incredibly soothing about listening to, and watching water. Whether it’s the rolling waves in the ocean, sitting by a serene lake, watching a water fountain in a garden or the sound of a running bath. It has the ability to easily take our mind to a silent and peaceful place, and drown out our internal chatter.

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There is no peace like that of time spent in the outdoors