The big question you need to answer before investing is why are you interested in using solar or wind energy? Is it because you need some back-up electricity for when the utility grid is unavailable? Or is it because you want to spend less money per month on electricity? In either case it is possible to install a smaller and less expensive system that will supply a portion of your electricity needs.

If it is because you want to spend less money per month then you may want to start by speaking with us about suggesting ways of reducing your electricity consumption. These ways may be as easy as changing all your light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs or LED's or as difficult as changing out your old electric water heater for a propane or natural gas model. Any of these things will save money to different degrees. Once your home is as efficient as it can be, then you may want to consider installing a wind, solar or hydro electric generating system. Some systems may not cover your entire electricity bill and can be as large or small as your budget allows with certain limitations on the size of the utility intertie inverters you have to choose from. Grid tie systems is are subject to acceptance from your local utility so you may want to contact them to see what their terms are. This type of system has very limited battery storage capacity in order to keep the price down so it is not typically thought of as offering back-up power.

Ready to go totally off grid? Many people in remote locations go off grid for various reasons, most commonly for lack of access to city utilities. For those in areas where city utilities are readily available, most health and building codes do not allow off grid systems. Be sure to contact your local inspectors/utility suppliers for more information.

Many more people are interested in installing a solar or wind electric system for their home or business but they do not know where to begin. Although to a certain degree each situation is different, there are a few basic things that will help you get started down the path to renewable energy.

Generally speaking, solar electric systems take from 12 to 20 years to pay for themselves depending on your location and what your local utility charges for electricity. Wind power systems can take from 8 to 12 years, depending on the wind speed at your site. That said, more and more states have very aggressive rebate programs and tax credits for both individuals and businesses to reduce the initial cost of the system. Rebates can be as high as 50 or 60% of the cost of the system depending on your state.

Wind/Solar Hybrid system (simplified)

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Common grid tied system layout

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Renewable Energy

Where to start?

One the most cost effective ways to begin your journey to the greener side is with the use of energy efficient lighting.

LED's and compact fluorescents offer a low up front cost compared to other ways and should you decide to go with a wind or solar system, the more efficient lighting can greatly reduce the size of the system you need and in turn the overall cost of that system.  

A fully involved system with wind, solar, & hydro power generation and the use of a backup generator

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