What ever Sustainable Living means to you we are here to help with your needs from the smaller things like a compost bin or rain barrel setup to a complete homestead designed to fit your lifestyle & needs.

The definition of sustainable living means more today than when it was first considered almost 200 years ago. Back then it was to improve man’s conditions, today it is to maintain man’s functional society and protect the environment.

Because farmer's markets often feature produce and food that is grown both naturally and organically, the taste quality is superior than at other outlets. Farmers who sell their produce at farmer's markets are able to retain the nutritional content of their products, pick their produce at the very peak of its flavor, and also offer you hard-to-get foods, such as raw milk. As an additional bonus, the food they sell does not need to travel very far to get to your table (basically, just their farms to the market to your table), which helps to ensure that the food does not get damaged or bruised as it sometimes does when being transported to grocery stores.

Income Potential & Local Support

What does a Sustainable Lifestyle mean to you?

You can find a variety of fresh produce (most grown with organic methods) at more affordable prices than those  certified organics from a supermarket. There are  many farmers who offer fruits or vegetables that are not technically “organic” (as this is a costly and often bureaucratic-heavy process) but are pesticide and herbicide free. The advantage of a farmers’ market is it offers the consumer an opportunity to actually talk to the farmer, learn about growing methods, and then decide for yourself what is important.  In most cases the farmers and ranchers will allow you to come and visit their farm or ranch.

You are supporting local human beings and the local economy, not massive agribusiness, GMO food conglomerates.  Not only will your money be staying in the area, but you will support the the farmer (and his family) that worked to grow that food.  You help send his kids to college and you will remember the farmer’s smile as he/she hands you that sweet, juicy peach.

There is usually an amazing variety of fruits and veggies at your local farmers market.  Each farmer may have his own methods and varieties of tomatoes, greens or peppers. Supermarkets cannot put something on the shelf that is “different” and expect that it will sell through.  At the market you can discuss what the product is, how to cook and store.

Some additional thoughts on the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle

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Could farm chores replace a few trips to the gym? Perhaps a new option for new year’s resolutions? Volunteer on a farm, connect to your food and save money… sounds like a pretty fabulous deal.
Good exercise – some days, doing chores is a full-body workout. Even if it’s not a hay-slinging day, though, it always feels wonderful to get moving.

Probably the hardest factor to initiate is the social one because so many refuse to budge upon their long standing, wasteful, and inefficient ways of living. Alternative energy strikes a disparaging chord for some people who believe that life can continue just the way it is no matter what the learned scholars may say or what conditions are evident indicating otherwise.

How Does a Sustainable Development Affect the Average Person?

An eco friendly way of life does not mean that people must live without any comforts or have any less fulfilling existences. In most cases, it means to use only what is necessary instead of wasting valuable resources.

Farm chores don’t have the best reputation. Boring, repetitive, time-consuming, physically demanding, smelly… they aren’t exactly known for being the highlight of a farmer’s existence. But I’d argue that there’s a great deal of wisdom in embracing farm chores, looking beyond the drudgery to find opportunity for gratitude twice a day, every day.

Sustainable Lifestyles  create and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony

Bearing responsibility for so many lives teaches dedication, selflessness, and excellent schedule management skills. It can also bring great joy and pride to know that these animals are living good lives under your care. So for all that farm chores sometimes feel like a never-ending drag, with the right attitude adjustment they can brighten any day, disproving their reputation and offering instead a steady supply of opportunities for growth and pleasure.


Quality of the Food & Nutrition

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Buying from your local farmer allows you to support small, local farmers and agriculture. This means that the food you are eating comes from local farmers, is available seasonally and does not require the waste of energy and petroleum to ship the food half-way around the world. You are eating food from your own environment, where it has perfectly-created nutrients for your specific climate and region.